21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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5. BTS

If you see something referring to “Bangtan Boys”, that would be this group, BTS. This group hit the scene in 2013 for Big Hit Entertainment, and to say that the seven members have put out some big hits would be putting it very mildly.

They’re huge on social media, with sites like Forbes listing the group as a whole among the most mentioned artists on Twitter. (When you’re in the ranks of One Direction, Katy Perry, and 5 Seconds of Summer, you know you’re a seriously big deal.)

BTS features a very hip-hop-influenced sound in most of their tracks, but the group also shows a willingness to incorporate dance-pop and other genres as well, as in the above song, “Blood Sweat & Tears”. Notably, each member also contributes to the writing and composition of their music.

One writer for Fuse has also called the group “K-pop’s social conscience” for willing to tackle tough subjects in its music and for giving honest answers during interviews. Generally, idols don’t do such things. The members of BTS do.

For more from BTS, check out songs like “I Need U“, from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1; “Run“, which has a sweet bounce and an addictive, simple chorus; and “Dope“, where the members brag about working hard with a killer sax track backing them up.