21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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8. Infinite

Unfortunately, the membership of this boy band is not actually infinite. Actually, it’s a very manageable 7 members. Compared to something like Exo, appearing later on this list, that’s eminently reasonable. Anyways, Infinite debuted in 2010 under Woollim Entertainment. Naturally, the band’s logo is a stylized infinity symbol. It doesn’t have a punny name, so it’ll take what it can get, you know?

For the most recent EP release, Infinite Only, Infinite also “expanded its logo,” making the symbol slightly more abstract than previous iterations.

The group has enjoyed plenty of international praise, including nods from Billboard for songs like “The Chaser” in 2012 and “Back” in 2014. Generally speaking, you can also expect what Billboard also calls “retrosynth” sound from this group, which has been a signature since the early days. However, like any K-pop group, Infinite doesn’t limit itself to just one genre or reference. “Back” includes orchestral work, for example.

For more from Infinite, start with “Last Romeo“, which clearly sounds like an 80’s throwback in all the best ways; “Be Mine“, where you’ll see what we mean by saying retrosynth has always been a thing for Infinite; and “The Chaser“, which still rocks even after 4 years. You can also check out the two subgroups, Infinite F and Infinite H, for more.