21 K-Pop Groups to Know (and Love)

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11. 2PM

Nope, this boy band’s name is not an acronym. It is literally read as the time of day. They’ve punned on it several times for album and EP titles like 01:59PM and Still 2:00pm2PM debuted in 2008 for JYP Entertainment.

Early on, the group had seven members, including Jay Park, who’s since come back for a solo career of his own. However, he left in a controversy surrounding social posts he’d made as a trainee, and the group continued on with just six members.

Since 2009, 2PM has released eleven studio albums, six in Korean and five in Japanese. In other words, these guys work quite a bit. They don’t really do cute looks, either; even during their early days, they presented an intense look and style.

However, their work will soon stop for a couple years. The members will soon enlist for mandatory military service, meaning fans will have to settle for just those eleven studio albums for a while.

Additional 2PM songs to check out include “Heartbeat“, one of their earliest songs; “Go Crazy“, which is exactly the kind of party song it sounds like it is; and “A.D.T.O.Y“, which showed off their abilities to slow it down.