Multiple New Reports of Sexual Misconduct By Donald Trump


Multiple reports from women are pouring in accusing Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. We have all the details from the victim.

The Culturess dubbed “31 Days of October Surprises” has now become a full-on avalanche. Just when you think Donald Trump can get any viler, he proves you wrong.

UPDATE: Since the original publishing of this article we have an update.

UPDATE: October 16, 2016 14:50

Donald Trump response to his sexual assault accusers has been to call them “horrible, horrible liars.” Three more women have come out with new accusations of sexual harassment. If you are keeping count at home, that would put it at 9 victims.

In an interview with The Guardian, Cathy Heller tells her story. Heller was at her home when the now infamous video of Donald Trump saying “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait.” Friends of Heller were contacting her to see if she had viewed the video. Trump’s attack on Heller is a 20-year-old open secret amongst family and friends. She met Trump 20 years ago at a Mother’s Day event with her husband and three children. Donald Trump grabbed her hand and attempted to kiss her on the lips. Heller quickly moved her face and Trump was able to kiss the corner of her mouth.

The next victim is Kristin Anderson who met Trump at a night club in the early 90’s. In an interview with The Washington Post, she alleges Donald Trump slipped his fingers up her mini skirt and touched her vagina through her underwear. Is this what Trump means “grab them by the pussy?”

Our 9th victim who asked not to be identified but told CNN anchor Erin Burnett what happen in Donald Trump’s boardroom in 2010.

"Trump took Tic Tacs, suggested I take them also. He then leaned in, catching me off guard, and kissed me almost on lips. I was really freaked out. … After (the meeting), Trump asked me to come into his office alone. Was really unsure what to do. … Figured I could handle myself. Anyway, once in his office he kept telling me how special I am and gave me his cell, asked me to call him. I ran the hell out of there.”"

There is an alleged witness to the incident in the boardroom with Trump and the anonymous victim.

UPDATE: October 14, 2016 15:30
Since our last update, new developments have transpired. We have the Melania Trump cease and desist letter to PEOPLE magazine and a new victim.

Mrs. Trump through her lawyers demands a retraction and apology for the PEOPLE Magazine article titled “Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story.” She tweeted a copy of the letter to her followers last night.

What we found telling was Mrs. Trump only has a problem she has with the PEOPLE article is the fact the victim stated she spoke to her a few months after the incident. She makes no mention of her belief in the falsehood of the allegation against her husband.

For those keeping track at home, this will be the sixth women to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault. The victim is Summer Zervos, a former contestant on Trump’s reality television show The Apprentice. In the video below, she and her lawyer, Gloria Allred spoke in-depth about her sexual assault that took place in 2007. Zervos alleges Trump made unwanted advances toward her. She gave great detail of undesired open mouth kisses, groping her breasts and at one point “thrusting his genitals” towards her. If you have a weak constitution, I would not watch the video. It is gut wrenching.

UPDATE: October 13, 2016 15:30

This morning a new victim of sexual assault at the hands of Donald Trump stepped forward. Her name is Temple Taggart, and she was a contestant Miss Utah 1997. She sat down with NBC to explain what Mr. Trump did to her and why she did not say anything. Taggart claims Donald Trump made unwanted advances and on two occasions kissed her on the lips without permission.

On October 12, The New York Times published an article entitled “Two Women Say Donald Trump Touched Them Inappropriately.”  Of course, Donald Trump took issue with the article and like clockwork had his lawyers send a cease and desist letter to The New York Time.

New York Times reporter Megan Twohey asked Donald Trump about the Times article he said, “you’are a disgusting human being.”

Today The New York Times has sent a reply to Donald Trump’s lawyers explaining libel law and why “through his own words and actions” has damaged his own reputation.

Last night, in the space of four hours, multiple victims came forward affirming the Republican Presidential candidate had sexually assaulted them of the course of the past 30 years. Many of them were inspired to speak out publicly after this past Sunday’s Presidential debate, during which Anderson Cooper point-blank asked Trump if he understood the statements he bragged about in 2005 video were sexual assault. In response, Trump tried to marginalize the on-tape audio incident by calling it “locker-room talk,” but insisting it was nothing more than just talk. Cooper gave Trump a second opportunity to own up to any transgressions and explain himself.

"Cooper: “Have you ever done those things?”Trump: “No, I have not.”"

As of this morning, we currently have several sexual assault victims who have come forward. Each victim has a story that is eerily similar, but all their own. Some of the victims knew Donald Trump personally, were in his employ. Some were complete strangers.

The first sexual assault victim is longtime PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff. She goes into great detail in an article for PEOPLE of her assault and ultimate rescue from by the Trump butler. In 2005, she went to interview Donald and Melania Trump at their ultra private Florida estate, Mar-a-Lago. She was covering a PEOPLE magazine cover story on the Trump’s commemorating their first year of marriage. A pregnant Melania was present for the interview and photo shoot. While Ms. Trump was attending to wardrobe change, Mr. Trump lured Stoyanoff into another room and immediately pushed her against the wall and stuck his tongue down her throat.

The second sexual assault victim is Jessica Leeds. She spoke to The New York Times about her attack at the hands of Donald Trump some 30 years ago. Leeds claims while traveling to New York for her then employer, a paper company; she sat next to Donald Trump in first class. A few minutes after the flight took off she claims Trump began to fondle her and attempted to put his hands up her skirt. She had to run to the back of the plane to make the assault stop.

In 2005, Rachel Crooks worked for Bayrock Group a real estate investment and development company. Her chance encounter with Donald Trump outside the bank of elevators at Trump Tower would become our third victim. She was aware her company worked with Mr. Trump, so she decided to introduce herself. Almost immediately she was mauled by Mr. Trump in the elevator. In her The New York Times interview, she affirms they shook hands and quickly started to kiss her on her cheeks then her mouth.

A local Palm Beach native Mindy McGillivaray in an interview with Palm Beach Post  talk about Donald Trump groping her. The event took place 13 years ago at Trumps Mar-a-Lago during a Ray Charles concert. McGillivaray was at Mar-a-Lago to help her photographer friend, Bob Davidoff to take pictures of the event. She never told authorities but immediately told  Davidoff.

And that’s just last night.

Previously, accusations of sexual misconduct have been leveled at Donald Trump by contestants of the Miss Universe Pageant. Tasha Dixon, Miss Arizona 2001 stated in an interview with CBS News Los Angeles affiliate, would walk into the room while the pageant participants were changing clothes, “Some girls were topless. Other girls were naked.” His sexual harassment of contestants was not limited just to Miss Universe. Former 1997 Miss Teen Vermont, Mariah Billado, told Buzzfeed he would also walk in on underage participants getting changed. Unknowingly Donald Trump corroborated this story in 2005 on the Howard Stern radio show. He discussed at length how he would use his power as the owner on the pageant to leer the half naked contestants. In the coming days, we expect more pageant contestants to tell similar stories.

And that’s added to those stories that have been floating in the background since Trump started his run, including Temple Taggart, the former Miss Utah, that of Jill Harth, who is suing Trump for rape, and that of his first wife, Ivana Trump, whose extraordinarily distressing tale of marital rape was part of her divorce deposition in the early 90s. It should be noted that the former first Mrs. Trump has never retracted her story, but since her divorce settlement simply downplayed it and refused to discuss details in public. Trump himself has never disputed it happened either.

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And yet, Donald Trump is on record stating he has never done anything akin to sexual assault and that he has great respect for women. It really should not come as a surprise to anyone that he lied. Trump lied because he was counting on his sexual assault victims staying silent. Enough was finally enough.