Pottermore’s New Animagus Information Sparks Curiosity

Pottermore discusses the technicalities of bringing the Animagus transformation to the big screen. Could this info segue into a new quiz? We speculate.

Recently, Pottermore did what Pottermore does best and hit fans with some new Harry Potter intel. This time, the website dived into how filmmakers captured the Animagus transformation onscreen. You can find the details here, but there’s something perhaps more interesting beneath the surface. Pottermore sources its information via Jody Revenson’s Harry Potter: The Creature Vault, a book that was released two years ago in October 2014.

Slow news day? Or is Pottermore amping up for another big reveal right on the coattails of their Patronus quiz?

Now, this is pure conjecture. But go big or go home, right? Let’s get amateur Rita Skeeter about it. I’d have to say this might be our first hint at an official Animagus quiz. After all, Pottermore hosts all of J.K. Rowling’s Potter quizzes, and they’re just now advertising two-year-old information. Curiouser and curiouser…

GIF via imgur/Tumblr

A potential Animagus quiz is certainly at the top of fans’ wish lists. We may have gotten in touch with our animal sides with the Patronus quiz, but an Animagus one would be a change of pace.

In light of popular debate, let it be known that your Patronus and Animagus forms would not necessarily be the same. The only two characters we see in Harry Potter who can boast both are Minerva McGonagall and James Potter. In their cases, the Patronus and Animagus match. However, we see with Nymphadora Tonks in Half-Blood Prince that her Patronus changed shape when she fell in love with Remus Lupin. As such, significant life changes may alter your Patronus. Meanwhile, your original Animagus form is permanent.

Furthermore, some of the Patronus quiz’s results seem a bit out of reach for the average Animagus. The rare forms include creatures like hippogriffs, unicorns and thestrals, which don’t seem like viable Animagus forms. It’s not impossible, but it just doesn’t seem too plausible that someone could transform into a dragon. It’s not exactly discreet, is it? Perhaps, for the Animagi, magical creatures are off the docket.

Hopefully we’ll find out the facts soon enough. Then again, perhaps this new info drop was just about the technical aspects and nothing more. We shall see what we shall see. But let’s keep our fingers crossed for a new Pottermore quiz in the near future. In the meantime, be on the lookout for hints.