30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Murder House: The Rubber Man Rape Scene

The latex rubbery suit became a staple of that first season of American Horror Story. Zachary Quinto wore it to appease his husband and then Vivien thought her husband put it on.

That instance resulted in one of the most terrifying and disturbing moments ever on the show. Setting the scene for just how dark American Horror Story could get, the reveal that the man in the rubber suit was not, in fact, her husband Ben scared the daylights out of everyone for weeks.

Ben Harmon was too busy being mesmerized and almost burning himself on their kitchen stove. But Vivien didn’t know that, she thought her husband was joking around with her. So she had sex with him despite his lack of speaking and his completely covered form.

Later in the season, we’d find out that she was having sex with Ghost Tate and the baby she becomes impregnated with is actually the anti-christ (and the actual human twin baby dies) but hey, that’s later on. This is just the first encounter we have with this world ending rubber suit.

Though it is weirdly consensual at the time, it is finally realized that Vivien was raped by a ghost later on in the season when she discovers that her one of her babies is a demon child.