30 Most Shocking Moments in All Of American Horror Story

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Freak Show: Freak Orgy

Elsa does some strange things in Freak Show but one of the weirdest was kidnaping a candy striper named Penny (Grace Gummer) and bringing her to the show. So far so normal, right? Well, then she drugs Penny and puts her in this ‘freak orgy’ with all the stars of the freak show.

But Penny falls in love with Paul. Known as ‘the Seal Boy’ because of a disease that makes his arms significantly altered, Paul is a crucial part of Freak Show. But before all of this, Elsa just makes the candy striper Penny partake.

It ends up ruining Penny’s life (see later slide) but it sets up how absolutely strange some of Freak Show was going to be. Ryan Murphy did his usual bit of having just one too many things happening at once on American Horror Story and Freak Show is no different.

But, regardless, it made Paul have a bit more of a storyline than he was getting beforehand and started the ball rolling on what Penny would actually be in the show. Also, it wouldn’t be American Horror Story without some kind of orgy at some point or another.

American Horror Story loves it’s orgies.