9 Reasons You Should Be Reading Marvel’s MOCKINGBIRD

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The Background Jokes

Mockingbird is one of the funniest comics I’ve read—and it’s not just the witty dialogue. The background artwork in the panels is filled with random signs, familiar characters doing and wearing weird things, and objects and clues that make the story a richer reading experience. Finding familiar objects or funny text in the background of this comic is like finding Waldo, if Waldo were a ten-dollar bill discovered in your jeans or a Kit-Kat bar you’d forgotten about in your purse. (But, you know, more hilarious.)

Action panels are interspersed with funny diagrams, from a chart measuring Bobbi’s level of sarcasm in the first issue (spoiler alert: it’s increasing) to instructions on “How to Kick in a Door” in issue two. Issue six is chock-full of nerdy background goodness, as Bobbi goes on a cruise with geeks and encounters cosplays, games, and action figures peppering the scene. That issue also ends with a chart of “Daily Yoga Poses” from Bobbi, including moves titled “I Need a Pedicure” and “My Ex-Husband is on Trial for Murder.”

It all merits a reread or twenty to see all the hidden jokes. (Not to mention limber up by trying to do the “Upside Down Martini” posture.)