Love & Hip Hop Hollywood Season 3: Catching Up On The Cast

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Shanda & Willie

Shanda and Willie were added to the cast for season 2. Willie was trying to get his hip-hop career started. The couple had moved to Hollywood in hopes getting him a record deal and were living off of their life savings. The couple had discussed Shanda going back to work, but Willie was against the idea because her previous employment was a stripper. At the end of the season Willie found out that Shanda had indeed gone back to work.

This season has been more focused on Willie and an ex-girlfriend. Kyesha (the ex) popped in on Shanda at the recording studio while she was trying to reboot her career. She showed Shanda copies of text messages between her and Willie to prove that they had recently hooked up.

The two women confronted Willie with the copies of the text messages that Kyesha had brought with her. Willie started off by lying about their relationship and claimed he had not seen Kyesha in years. He eventually told Shanda the truth about sleeping with Kyesha more recently, but not until after the majority of the drama had unfolded.

They are currently separated, but Willie is trying to Shanda back.