Why Jokes About Kim Kardashian’s Incident Aren’t Okay


Kim Kardashian was robbed, handcuffed and held at gunpoint by two men. There is nothing funny about it, no matter who she is or how it happened.

Kim Kardashian was in Paris for a fashion show. While there, Kardashian was held at gunpoint by two men pretending to be police officers. She was also gagged, handcuffed and robbed.

Since the news broke, it has become a huge media sensation. With that, obviously comes the huge amount of hate comments but these comments are ruthless. Some joke about Kardashian’s sex tape, about her career, how they wish she would have been killed among other various insults, rude comments, and jokes.

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Regardless of what happened or how it happened, Kim Kardashian is still a person. Jokes about her being killed are not funny and never will be funny. Does Kim sometimes do some things that are funny and we laugh? Yes, but that is something completely different and nothing to be joked or laughed about.

As various celebrities have pointed out, Kim is not just famous. She’s someone’s wife, sister, mother, daughter, aunt, and friend. She’s in the public eye but she has a private life too which is none of our business. You can even tell that when she didn’t share any pictures of her son, Saint West with us for months and didn’t want North West to appear on her show until she made her own choice too. Joking about her being killed or her life being pointless isn’t just unfunny, it’s disgusting.

Then there are all the sexual jokes about the incident. Some guys even commented asking if the robbers got a “piece of her ass” once again reducing Kim to an object. Kim Kardashian is proud of her body especially after she got back into the shape she wanted after having kids. She wants to show off her hard work and that includes wearing what she wants, posting nude selfies and it doesn’t give people the right to belittle her for that.

The opposite effect happened when she was pregnant. People were saying she was too big and she looked like a whale. Either way, Kim’s body is hers to treat how she wants and once again, she doesn’t owe any of it to the world.

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Kim is also an accomplished business woman. She has started many businesses and has become her own empire. People who say she doesn’t have a career are just trying to make themselves seem relevant. Using those reasons as a way to belittle Kim and her assault doesn’t make you better than Kim, it makes you a bad person.

Does the media blow things out of proportion sometimes? Yes and for all we know, Kim might call the paparazzi on herself. However, none of that matters at the end of the day. She’s still a woman and violence against women is never okay. If you’re breaking down Kim for what happened, then you’re part of the problem.