Seven Must-See Movies of October

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The Dressmaker (October 7th)

Kate Winslet stars as Myrtle Dunnage, a glamorous woman who returns to her small home in Australia. Once there, she turns the Outback on its head with her unconventional, sophisticated clothes.

Based on the novel by Rosalie Ham, The Dressmaker gives every other film a run for its money when it comes to Best Costumes. The trailer and poster are awash in finery and The Dressmaker certainly whets the appetite for clotheshorses. With an eye on female filmmakers of late, this is one of the more prominent films to capture a female audience. Director Jocelyn Moorehouse is primarily known for writing Australian dramas and is best remembered in the U.S. as the director of Winona Ryder’s How to Make an American Quilt. Kate Winslet looks to return to lighter fare after years of serious dramatic work and she’s rocking the exorbitant hats and clothes, as well as playing a character with a trade that brings her freedom and confidence. The cast also includes Liam Hemsworth (and the film gives us a relationship where the woman is older than the man, refreshing) and Hugo Weaving. Between this and The Girl on a Train in the same weekend, this is the perfect weekend for a ladies’ night.

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