Seven Must-See Movies of October

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The Twelve Movies You Must See in the Month of October

The Girl on the Train (October 7th)

Rachel (Emily Blunt) is an alcoholic struggling to overcome a nasty divorce. After losing her job, she fills her days riding the train into town and fantasizing about the supposedly magnificent life of a young couple she passes everyday. But when the girl she watches ends up missing, Rachel finds herself drawn into discovering the truth behind the beautiful facade.

In the wake of the success of David Fincher’s Gone Girl in 2014 studios scrambled to find another popular novel with a snazzy twist to adapt. The comparisons between Paula Hawkins The Girl on the Train and the Gillian Flynn novel were abundant upon the former’s publication in 2015 and Universal quickly snapped up the rights.

The Girl on the Train is far from the page-turner that Gone Girl was but the same audience of women will be out in force to see this. Its awards chances are dim since there’s no auteur like Fincher at the helm; instead we get the director of another female-centric adaptation, Tate Taylor who directed The Help. Taylor’s name is a double-edged sword as many fans decried his version of Kathryn Stockett’s book. Emily Blunt, riding the awards wave from Sicario and soon to star as Mary Poppins, leads the cast. Magnificent Seven break-out star Haley Bennett plays Rachel’s dream girl. And, because ladies love some eye candy, you can’t ignore the trifecta of gorgeous men including Justin Theroux, Edgar Ramirez and Luke Evans. October is shy of any big breakout films, and this is the second adaptation of a novel this month, but The Girl on a Train looks to have serious staying power if the reviews are positive.

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