10 Ways to Keep Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables for the Winter Months

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Pickles (Photo by John Greim/LightRocket via Getty Images)


The first time I ever had homemade pickles was in college. One of my friends had something like 10 brothers and sisters, so her parents had a very large garden and canned everything to keep that army fed. Let me tell you, those are still the best pickles I’ve ever eaten. Even if you can’t have my friend’s mom’s pickles, you should try some homemade ones. It will change your life.

I must admit that I’ve never made pickles. I had actually bought a flat of mason jars last winter in anticipation of trying to make pickles this summer, but life happened and pickles didn’t. I still have the jars, so maybe there’s still time if I ever get this new house unpacked. The pickle recipes in The Broad Fork, by chef/restaurateur/Top Chef judge Hugh Acheson, are really calling out to me. (You should buy this book. It’s very beautiful and full of delectable recipes. I ate at The Florence, so I KNOW.) He doesn’t just pickle cucumbers. The Broad Fork is about ALL the vegetables and fruits. Hugh has recipes for spicy Indian eggplant pickle, pickled onions, pickled sunchokes, dilly beans, squash pickles and more.

Sorry, I need to go. All this pickle talk. If I don’t eat a pickle right now I might LITERALLY die.