Bob Morley Cosplays James Potter at Dragon Con


Bob Morley, star of the hit CW series The 100, takes on a new role as he dresses up in James Potter cosplay for a fan at Dragon Con.

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Part of the magic of Harry Potter is that it’s so well-known, many characters have fandoms in their own right. Fans make edits, art, and fanfiction all for the characters that they love. Ironically, one particularly active fandom revolves around characters who were dead before the series began. The Marauders fandom, focusing on the exploits of James Potter, Lily Evans, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew, is alive and well.

For that reason, many people have speculated what the films might look like with age-appropriate casting. The Potters were only twenty-one when they died in the books. Adrian Rawlins, who was 43 when Philosopher’s Stone released, didn’t exactly look like a father barely out of school. So fans are seeking alternative inspiration for their art and graphics. One popular choice is actor Bob Morley.

While Bob Morley himself is 31, he can certainly pull off a range of ages. His character on The 100, Bellamy Blake, is 23. His hair, much like James’s and Harry’s, seems constantly in disarray. He often sports a pair of glasses and looks like he might be “up to no good.” Though it seems we’ll have no more films that feature James, Morley still got to show off his James Potter potential at Dragon Con:

The Australian actor readily agreed when a fan brought him a costume to don, complete with Gryffindor robes. Bob Morley is fulfilling all our fan art fantasies. Not only is it a sweet gesture, but it also proves that Morley can carry off the Potter look well.

An added bonus? Much of the fandom has moved towards interpreting canon characters as having  ethnically diverse backgrounds, and Morley’s heritage is Irish-Australian and Filipino.

Of course, where would James Potter be without his Lily Evans? Luckily, we don’t have to find out, because fan Amna Shabbir came prepared. She took her place by his side decked out in Lily Evans’ Gryffindor gear.

But Bob Morley isn’t the only member of The 100‘s cast who is ready to cosplay. Sachin Sahel, who plays Jackson on The 100, wants in on the action, as we can see from the video below:

Every James Potter needs his Sirius Black. Sahel seems like he would be ready to make trouble with our new James Potter.

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Who knows, with all the new Harry Potter content coming out, maybe we will eventually get a Marauders film. We already have the perfect cast.