Game of Thrones Casts Another Harry Potter Alumnus

Game of Thrones has added another former Harry Potter actor to their cast. What’s his connection to Harry Potter, and who do we think he’s playing in Westeros?

Although they’re very different types of fantasy, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones have their similarities. Between beloved character death, dragons, political upheaval, and the victories of orphans and underdogs, the two series share some overarching themes and characteristics. Taking both of these stories to the screen–whether big or small–has only added to that list. From protagonists to extras, a whopping fourteen actors have appeared in both franchises.

Entertainment Weekly recently reported the newest: Jim Broadbent has joined Thrones‘ Season 7 cast. Broadbent played potions master Professor Horace Slughon in Half-Blood Prince and Deathly Hallows, Parts 1-2. His role in Thrones has been noted as “significant,” but so far that’s all we know for certain.

However, we do have info on the Season 7 casting calls, so we can theorize on Broadbent’s upcoming role. The gist of the casting breakdown is as follows:

  • Priest, in his 60s
  • Warrior, 35-45
  • Gate Guard, in his 20s
  • City Guard, in his 30s
  • Merchant, in his 40s
  • Lovely Lady, age unspecified

If Broadbent is filling one of these roles, age alone puts him as the priest. It’s possible that Broadbent was cast in a role not released to the public but, regardless, “priest” seems like the right fit. With Sam Tarly at the Citadel and a new opening for the presiding religion in King’s Landing, there’s plenty of room for more septons and maesters in Westeros. Not to mention, Broadbent’s demeanor fits that of a professional godly man more than it does a warrior. Even as Slughorn, Broadbent portrayed a kindly and well-intentioned (if not a bit opportunistic) man.

Of course, the Game of Thrones uppers do love their mind games. So for all we know, Broadbent might show up as the notably “significant” Rhaegar Targaryen in a flashback. Talk about a plot twist.

But in all seriousness, whatever Broadbent’s part on the show turns out to be, Potter and Thrones fans can rejoice that another major talent has touched both of these fantastical worlds.

Other actors who have stepped their toes in both ponds are:

  • Michelle Fairley, as Mrs. Granger and Catelyn Stark (née Tully)
  • Natalia Tena, as Nymphadora Tonks and Osha
  • David Bradley, as Argus Filch and Walder Frey
  • Ciarán Hinds, as Aberforth Dumbledore and Mance Rayder
  • Julian Glover, as (the voice of) Aragog and Grand Maester Pycelle
  • Freddie Stroma, as Cormac McLaggen and Dickon Tarly
  • Ralph Ineson, as Amycus Carrow and Dagmer Cleftjaw
  • Bronson Webb, as Malfoy’s Slytherin friend in Prisoner of Azkaban and Will, the Night’s Watch deserter beheaded by Ned Stark
  • Nicholas Blane, as Arthur Weasley’s coworker Bob and the Spice King
  • Daniel Tuite, as a Ministry extra and Lothar Frey
  • Sally Mortemore, as Madam Pince and a Braavosi woman
  • Edward Tudor-Pole, as Mr. Borgin (in a Chamber of Secrets deleted scene) and a protester in King’s Landing
  • Ian Whyte, who provided the body shots for Madame Olympe Maxime and portrayed a White Walker, the Mountain (Season 2), and Wun Wun the giant