Pottermore Muggle Job Hunt: What Would Wizards Do?


Pottermore has guessed at Muggle professions for wizard characters. We compare those to our own suggestions for their Muggle jobs.

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While many of us dreamed about going to Hogwarts as we were growing up, not everyone was thinking about a magical career path. There are only a few glimpses of jobs available for wizards. What if a Hogwarts student wanted a non-magical job? To answer that, Pottermore recently selected a few of our favourite Harry Potter characters to look at jobs for them in the Muggle world.

The list starts off with Hermione Granger, whose academic skills always implied a bright future. Her passion for doing the right thing supposedly leads to being a Muggle charity worker. While Hermione’s activism for house-elves was admirable, she was also sometimes misguided. Forcing the elves free without any care of their mindsets or futures was not the best plan. I’d argue that Hermione could help more people through something similar to her own job in the Ministry: Being a lawyer. As early as seventeen, she was reminding the then Minister for Magic himself about respecting the spirit of the law in Deathly Hallows:

"“That law was created to stop wizards passing on Dark artifacts,” said Hermione, “and the Ministry is supposed to have evidence that the deceased’s possessions are illegal before seizing them! Are you telling me that you thought Dumbledore was trying to pass us something cursed?”“Are you planning to follow a career in Magical Law, Miss Granger?” asked Scrimgeour.“No, I’m not,” retorted Hermione. “I’m hoping to do some good in the world!”"

She may not have planned on it, but she certainly helped to make the world a better place.

Neville’s Muggle mantle would be that of a landscape gardener according to the article. His talent for Herbology could translate to Neville creating lawn sculptures. But his wizard job does exist in the Muggle world. He could teach people about plants as a botany professor. After all Neville endured from his Potions professor, I can think of no better end for him than becoming a supportive teacher.

While Pottermore sees Molly Weasley running Bed and Breakfast, I’d argue that like Neville, she could also do the same duties as a Muggle: Being a homemaker. Whether she was at the Burrow or Grimmauld Place, Molly was always looking after the place her children lived.

Luna’s Muggle counterpart would purportedly be an artist. Though she proved her artistic abilities in Deathly Hallows, Luna’s greatest talent is opening people’s minds. In the age of the internet, I fancy the idea of Luna becoming an internet personality and finally having an audience who thinks outside the box like her.

They go on to place Harry in MI5. It’s hard to argue that Harry wouldn’t be a fantastic secret agent. Although most Gryffindors prefer to do their fighting out in the open, and Harry hasn’t shied away from that, he’s also had do his fair share of sneaking. He spends much of Half-Blood Prince tailing Malfoy. Likewise, he and his friends disguise their appearances to get into places like the Slytherin Common Room and Gringotts. He also learns to know his enemies’ minds uniquely. Though part of me believes he would join Muggle law enforcement, Harry only joined the Ministry after a revolution. Our justice system still needs an overhaul for Harry to approve of it.

Sirius Black’s alternate occupation is dog walker. Sirius is perfect for this profession if only for the play on words. Considering he spent his adult days as a soldier and then in prison, I can’t contest him having a peaceful job. Perhaps he could even train therapy dogs. Moreover, his experience being a dog would certainly give him… a leg up.

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What Muggle jobs do you think Harry and his friends would take up? What would you want as a magical career? Let us know!