New Promotional Photos for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

With the embargo lifted on advanced reviews for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child come a plethora of promotional press photos for our viewing pleasure.

One of the major differences between a stage production and a movie promotional period is that, due to the contracts with the Stage Actors Guild, the rules about the amount of pictures released from a live performance are far more stringent than they are for a film. The releasing of them is also far stricter. Where movies can release several batches over the course of the four to six week span (and sometimes even farther out), promotional photos for a stage production typically only release their promotional stills to the public at the same time that the embargo for reviews is lifted, as these pictures are typically only used by the press for those reviews.

But of course, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is a different animal. Unlike most stage plays, it is only the most hotly anticipated sequel to the biggest series of the last decade. And so, even though these promotional photos were taken and released like this is your typical stage production, we’re treating them far more like your typical movie promotional photo release. We’ve scoured through article after article praising the production (you can read our review round up here) and gathered all the pictures we have for the production in one place for your viewing pleasure.

There are twenty seven [hotographs in all, including the shot above of the Hogwarts station platform. A few of these you’ll recognize from their release earlier by the official Twitter account, but most are new. Enjoy!


It’s been known for some time that Cursed Child starts off “19 years later” right at the epilogue, with Albus and Rose off the Hogwarts for the first time. Here we see see them (along with Lily Luna, James Sirius and all four parents, a new interpretation of that final scene in the movies.)

A close up shot of James and Lily, as well as the Golden Trio.


Meanwhile, in a change from the movie, Draco is dropping off his son Scorpius alone.

Ah yes, the wizard treat cart. As big a hallmark of that first journey for Albus and Scorpius as it was for Harry back in the day.

As we can see from this shot, Albus and Scorpius’ relationship is not the frosty one Harry had with Draco.

Rose looks like she cannot believe these boys and whatever they are getting up to. Hermione’s daughter, through and through.


This looks like a hell of an entrance.

This image from the Sorting Ceremony was released the night of first preview. Seen in context with the other promotional pictures gives it even more impact.


Dueling already?

Scorpius looks like such a dork. Not the cool and collected kid we would expect.


We don’t know what’s going on in this shot, but the entire staff and student body of Hogwarts looks enraptured.


At the heart of the story though is Harry Potter. This is, after all, still his story, since he’s part of the title. And its looking like he and Albus need to have a heart to heart.

Jamie Parker may not be Daniel Radcliffe, but I will say that in terms of how Harry Potter would look at 40, they nailed it.

Typical parenting of a teenager–now look here young man!

………is that a portrait of Dumbledore scolding Harry for his strict behavior with his son?

Apparently Harry is trying to make amends.

Harry in full Wizards robes (I love this shot.)

I also love this “intimate moment” shot between Ginny and Harry in bed.

Another shot of Harry in street clothes instead of wizards robes.

I don’t know what Harry, Hermione and Ron are getting up to in this picture, but the expressions on their faces say that they’re enjoying themselves like it was old times.

A lovely shot of Hermione and Ron, a portrait of their marriage 20 years on.

This shot was revealed originally in an interview with Paul Thornely. I love it because Thornley really looks like Rupert Grint, at age 40.

Heeeeeeeere’s Draco!

This photo was revealed by the official Twitter account the first night of the preview of Part 2. That Ron, Draco and Harry are working together to solve whatever’s happened is almost as surprising as Albus and Scorpius being best buddies.

Our final shot, the Golden Trio with Draco and Ginny, lead by Hermione, are address with Wizarding population. Lets hope whatever they have to say it’s not “Voldemort has returned.”

Are you excited for Cursed Child‘s release this weekend? Will these pictures help you imagine what it looks like on stage? Sound off below!