App Claims to Be Able to Identify the “Next Harry Potter”


A new app called Hooked could change the film industry by using data mining to predict “Harry Potter”-level fame.

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It’s often difficult to predict what stories will perform well at the box office. A new app, Hooked, attempts to provide a solution. Founders Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia are revolutionizing the traditional reading experience by incorporating technology in a different way than ever before.

According to a report by Pilot Online, Hooked uses a text message format to share short stories. By looking at user analytics, the aptly-named product can figure out if a story really does have the audience “hooked.”

The app is perfect for adapting to the popularity of social media, because its easy format can be transcribed on any number of websites and apps. But perhaps even more exciting is how the app can reach Hollywood.

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Investors have recognized the value of being able to confer directly with an audience, including the makers of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. An important part of the film industry is getting work funded, and by using creative writing graduates to tell quick and interesting stories on Hooked, it becomes all the easier to understand what kind of fiction excites interest in an audience.

With this in mind, the app could make sure the next J.K. Rowling gets their story noticed quicker than the difficult process of trying to get a book published.

The opportunity for diversity extends to actors as well, alluded talent manager Anjula Acharia-Bath to Pilot Online. There’s often some hesitation to cast women and/or minorities in lead roles, as a vast majority of films have historically pushed them aside, so there’s less data on the commercial success of such work. But predictive technology could fix this problem.

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Users can even create their own stories, so the next Harry Potter may be closer to home than we think!