Fantastic Beasts Trailer GIF Party

We throw GIF party for the Fantastic Beasts trailer. Come along and watch the flashing images!

It’s Friday, after a huge week of Fantastic Beasts news. Hopefully you’ve all watched the trailer by now–if not, what are you waiting for? GO WATCH. We’ve learned Newt is not the goody-two-shoes Hufflepuff we always thought he was, and we’re jazzed to learn more.

But since it’s Friday, and it’s time for a lovey weekend, we thought we’d end with a GIF party. Our good friend Razor from over at Dorkside lent us his GIF making skills and sent us over wall to wall gifs from the trailer for the use and abuse in posts going forward, and hey, just to have a good time with. After all, gifs are the closest thing that we muggles and no-majs get to wizarding photographs. So we shall.

I give to you Wizards&Whatnot’s first ever GIF party!

Watching the trailer in gif form always reveals things you don’t catch in stills–like the fact that everyone here is coupled up except Newt.

And in this shot too. But newt’s not really alone/

I’ve seen people theorizxing this is the Niffler we see later in the trailer. It certainly could be, and could mean that little guy is a major star of the movie, if he tracks through like that.

Our first glimpse of magic in the trailer. I still want to know how Newt winds up hanging out with Jacob. Is it just an accident of the place he’s staying?

The 1920s cars really did hurl along like that.

Another thing i didn’t notice–that Queenie and Jacob are behind Tina and Newt in this shot. I blame the dress.

What *is* newt looking rounds at? Other than us?

Must get that fixed!

Another note–I thought the aurors were after Newt in this scene, but he and Tina are going up the stairs while the aurors are going down.

The New York Ghost. I need a copy.

I assume Newt is heading to Woolworth’s here? He still has his case, so I assume his creatures are still with him.

Lens flare, 1920s style. JJ Abrams, take notes.

Who is Shaw? (Is he running as a Republican or a Democrat? Does Rowling understand that matters?)

It’s the everyday magic that’s the most delightful. In the Harry Potter series, it made up for the lack of modern technology. Here it makes the wizards and witches more advanced.

I still want to know who is doing that to the lights. Those are nice chandeliers, damn it!

Ok, no really, who is this child, and what magical creature does she have there?

What is a “Swooping evil” anyway? Other than farrell’s face here?

Wheeeeee, everyone gets thrown around the room. Looks like someone chose violence.

I love this shot of Tina without her hat.

But not as much as I love Farrell as Graves the Badass Wizard.


She’s tracking that niffler to get her purse back, mark my words.

It’s really rather dangerous to do that in a subway.

But then again, I wouldn’t apparate after jumping off a building either.

The President of the MACUSA–cool as a cucumber.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them opens November 18th, 2016.