Harry Potter Takes the Cake


Harry Potter fans and bakers have truly inspired sweet teeth.

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Being an adult fan of Harry Potter apparently has its advantages. You can afford to buy cakes that show your love of the books! For those who are Team Cake (rather than Team Pie–you know who you are), it’s a perfect mix of fandom, Potter Pride and sugar.

I’m not a big fan of the taste of fondant, but bakers use the stuff to form wonderful creations. Let’s take a look at a couple of recent and past confections.

Last week NFL player Mike Evans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers got married and had a groom’s cake with a layer devoted to each of the four Hogwart’s houses and topped with Hedwig. Not even a professional football player can resist the allure of the Potterverse!

This wedding cake made by Night Kitchen Bakery in Philadelphia includes a sorting hat looking ready to speak and a quiddich golden snitch with detailed feathered wings.

"Harry Potter / Dr. Who Wedding Cake"

When you can’t decide on just one theme, a clever baker can think of a great way to combine them both as with this Harry Potter and Doctor Who wedding cake. The details on this one are amazing from the tiny wand and sonic screwdriver to the miniature Hogwart’s on top. Unfortunately the baker’s post didn’t mention whether or not the grooms actually dressed like Harry and the Doctor.

If you’re wondering what goes into making one of these tiered towers of treats, take a look at this time lapse video.

And for those who are just a wee bit peckish for a small snack, these Harry Potter themed cupcakes would do the trick. Hopefully they’re made with butterbeer flavored cake.

Or maybe you aren’t a cake person and prefer cookies. Really elaborate cookies. You can try this Instructable for a gingerbread version of  the Weasley house, The Burrows, if you are a baking do it yourself kind of person with a lot of oven space, time, and foamcore.

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As for Team Pie, we haven’t seen any amazing Harry Potter pie crusts. Maybe one of you can put a little Potter into your pie pan and share it with us.