10 inspiring anime tattoos that you’ll want to get right now


Anime is beloved by many and for good reason! If you’re a big fan, these anime tattoos are going to be perfect for the next time you get inked!

Only the brave and dedicated embark on the journey of getting their very own version of these anime tattoos. Fandom tattoos aren’t exactly new but they are fun when they are unique and inspiring.

Obviously, there’s popular anime that people tend to flock to — Sailor Moon is always a solid choice, if we do say so. Pokémon is another easy anime to take ink inspiration from, as you could go with any of the human characters or one of the many, many, many Pokémon.

Check out some incredible anime tattoos and who knows, maybe one will become your next also!


So, of course, there is a multitude of tattoos to go far with Pokémon! Like this one of Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat.

Or take your love of Pikachu and give it an artistic twist, like this geometric version.

While Psyduck may not be the most popular of Pokémon, he can still look pretty cute if you give him some inky flair.

Spirited Away

Another big inspiration for fans around the world is Spirited Away. Gaining fame and notoriety around the world, Miyazaki’s film has become one of the most recognizable of the anime genre. Fans want to show their love of the movie and, in doing so, have come up with some breathtaking tattoos.

Some are so dedicated that their entire body represents the work and what it means to them. And that’s some kind of dedication!

Sailor Moon

Perhaps the anime with the most tattoos is Sailor Moon. From picking one of the famed Sailor Scouts as a whole or their symbols, you have plenty of inspo to take away from this anime.

Love Sailor Moon herself? You can show her off with a graphic tattoo, or perhaps you’re more into her Crescent Moon Wand?

Dragonball Z

Dragonball Z‘s popularity may never die down, thanks to new episodes in Dragon Ball Super and its ability to cross-over into other pop culture, like this Dragon Ball/Brooklyn Nine-Nine mashup.

Fans who haven’t let their love for this classic anime fade can show their dedication with incredible tattoo artwork.

One Piece

Monkey D. Luffy has fans of all ages and that means there is a wide range of tattoos out there from this manga series. Straw hat and all, this is one series that fans just can’t get enough of and their tattoos are absolutely adorable because of it!

Yuri On Ice

Yuri On Ice is maybe one of the most beautiful pieces of the anime genre. With amazing artwork and a score that has been used time and time again by fans. So it isn’t surprising that they have some of the more intricate fan tattoos.


The cool thing about anime is the expressive nature of the characters. Which makes for quite the turn of interesting tattoos. Like this Bleach inspired tattoo that exudes the smugness of the character while being an incredible piece.


Another notable name in the anime genre is Naruto. This tattoo’s detail is one of the more intricate ways you can go with anime-inspired ink.

Death Note

When Netflix decided to take on Death Note, there was quite a bit of uproar because it was already a beloved series. That being said, it gained public notoriety and many were introduced to the amazingness that is Death Note. And it led to some amazing tattoos like this one!

Hero Academia

If you don’t know about Hero Academia, you’ll want to after this amazing tattoo. It is a really cool take on bringing anime to life in ink and the quote is inspirational. One of the more artistic takes on an anime tattoo, this Hero Academia inspired ink will have you rushing to get on the Hero Academia bandwagon.

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Do you have an anime-inspired tattoo? Sound off in the comments below and tell us about it!