Funko’s SDCC collection got even more full of fandoms with new Supernatural and Harry Potter Pop!s


Funko has a new theme for its latest set of Pop! figures for San Diego Comic-Con, and Harry Potter and Supernatural fans need to keep an eye out.

The latest Funko announcement for San Diego Comic-Con dropped this afternoon, and it’s a big one in two ways. First, it has some major fandoms. Second, it has some good-sized Pop!s.

So what if the theme is just “Warner Bros.”? That encompasses quite a few properties.

Indeed, Funko has hit four of the major properties in one fell swoop. Check them out below:

Warner Bros.’ part-owned network, The CW, has some representation here. Supernatural‘s Impala now has Dean Winchester at the wheel, although the last time we checked, Baby didn’t have a sun or moon roof. The 100 has another new Pop!, too, this time Reaper Lincoln in a 750-piece limited run.

Technically speaking, the 6-inch Occamy Pop! is from Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, but that’s a spinoff of Harry Potter, which means the count is still at four properties. Check out that slight iridescence, too. It’d make a pretty addition to a Potter Pop! collection.

In fact, all three of the announced Pop! figures for Harry Potter look great. Harry playing Quidditch is a great figure that’s balanced entirely on a clear base. It’s a nice touch. Of course, Luna Lovegood is perhaps the cutest one here.

At the top, though, Lord of the Rings fans might want to pick up the two-pack of Arwen and Aragorn together. They look like they’re based on the first film, The Fellowship of the Ring. Check out the small cut on Arwen’s face and her gray-blue robes. It’s from when she takes Frodo to Rivendell. Her saber is a nice detail. Aragorn is still in his general Ranger clothing, too.

Unfortunately, Funko didn’t make clear which of these will be shared just yet.

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Hopefully, most of these do end up going on sale for those fans who can’t go to SDCC this year.