The cast of Deadpool 2 shares if they survived Thanos’ snap


The cast of Deadpool went on record to reveal if their characters were taken away by Thanos’ snap… even if they aren’t part of the MCU.

Deadpool and others in the X-Men universe might not be part of the MCU just yet, but they can still pretend. And the best part of pretending that you’re in the MCU is figuring out if you were one of the lucky survivors to live on after Thanos’ snap.

The cast of Deadpool 2 answered that question in an interview with HuffPost. And while there’s not an exact science to figuring out if you’d be the unlucky one to get snapped away, they did take a few shots at guessing which of their characters would survive.

Stefan Kapičić, who voices Colossus, was the first person to speak up — extremely confident that Colossus would have survived. Except, Ryan Reynolds wasn’t completely sure that’d be the case.

“Please, you were the first to die,” Reynolds jokingly said to Kapičić. “Dishonorably, I might add.”

Reynolds then added in more of his two cents by saying, “No one can survive the Thanos snap.” Didn’t he watch the movie? We all know that Thanos only wanted half the universe to go, meaning, yes, people can surely survive the Thanos snap.

Zazie Beetz then confidently chimed in “I could,” because of course she could. She played the character Domino in the movie, who always has lady luck on her side. That decision was pretty unanimous, support by Reynolds and the rest of the cast.

Actor Karan Soni thinks his character, Dopinder, would have survived only because he says he became super close to Josh Brolin on set. And Brianna Hildebrand unfortunately couldn’t get a chance to answer in time, but we think she’d have to survive the snap. So no worries there.

As for Deadpool, the guy behind it all? It didn’t seem clear in the interview if Reynolds thought Deadpool would go, but HuffPost reports that Reynolds doesn’t think Deadpool would make it through. We think Deadpool would certainly go, too. But maybe he’d be brought back to life immediately after disappearing, because that’s just how Deadpool is.

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That leaves us wondering, what would happen to Cable? Would he be spared because of his uncanny resemblance to the purple fiend — or is this universe just not big enough for two Josh Brolins?