Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has new pets possibly on their way


Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery updates may have been leaked. One of those is about the upcoming pets to the game.

Jam City finally brought pets to the Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game this month. While there were some complaints about the cost, they’ve been a positive addition for many Potterheads around the world. One legitimate complaint has been the lack of choice when it comes to breeds and species of each of the pets. Well, possible leaks of an update to the game show that complaint may have been listened to.

One Reddit user, Basil_J, shared an image that was previously shared on Instagram. The Instagram has since been taken down, but the screenshot still exists. It shows new breeds of the four main creatures coming in a Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery possible update.

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Cats will have the most additions, getting Bengal, Birman, Black, Grey, Persian, Siamese, and White breeds. Owls are next with Blue, Brown, CommonScops, Screech, Snowy, and Yellow potentially being added into the game.

Rats will have the third most additions, with Albino, Berkshire, Blazed, Dumbo, and Hairless. Then there’s the Misc category in the screenshot of the table, which includes Kneazle and ToadWithStinkBomb.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Pets, image acquired via Jam City

They certainly sound like interesting additions to the Harry Potter game. Just what could a ToadWithStinkBomb be like in the middle of the challenges?

There is a note in the Reddit image, which says that these could be non-pets. The table was just an Instagram post that has now been removed, so this is just a potential update coming to the game.

As you can only have one of each type of animal, there are many questions of what this means for those who already have animals. If you already have a rat and want the cute-looking Dumbo Rat, for instance, can you swap for the new additions or will Jam City open up the ability to get more than one type of animal? It would be extra money for them, right?

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What do you think about the new possible pet additions to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery? Would you get one of the new additions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.