The magic behind The Great American Read!


The Great American Read has taken the country by magic. Wizards and Whatnot had the chance to chat to the team who has made the magic possible!

Book lovers around the country have been getting involved in The Great American Read. It’s given a platform to let the country, and even the world, know what they think about their favorite book. Voting is still underway for the book to be crowned America’s number one and the decision will not be made for some time.

In between the then and now, PBS has been creating some The Great American Read magic. One such magical creation is turning book covers into travel guide style posters.

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Available for download from The Great American Read, you can get your favorite book in a travel guide style poster. Not all of the books are on the list but a huge amount is, including Harry Potter and The Martian.

Wizards and Whatnot got the wonderful opportunity to talk to PBS about The Great American Read, the travel posters created and more.

The Great American Read

Response to The Great American Read has been like a fairy tail dream. People have come in their thousands to express their love for reading, what makes their book so special to them and more. Voting for who will be crowned “THE BOOK” of America is still going and while PBS obviously couldn’t tell us who is currently winning the race, despite all of the begging and pleading at Wizards and Whatnot, we can be rest assured that when the announcement is made later this year, it will be well worth the wait.

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But, it is how well received the campaign has been that has taken everyone by surprise. The sheer volume of people who have gotten involved has been magical. In an age where the love of reading is not what it was, there can obviously be doubt sometimes that running a campaign like this will fall on deaf ears. However those doubts have been proven completely wrong, as it is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most popular events of the year.

Turning Books to Travel Posters

Creating travel posters of the books in The Great American Read was a huge, and quite honestly, a wonderful surprise. PBS where good enough to give us an exclusive look at the Harry Potter Travel Poster created but if Harry Potter is not your book, they have created a whole bunch of other travel posters as well.

Each one is designed with the idea of taking us on a journey, much like our books do themselves. Amazingly, this was not something that was dreamt up in the back of a garage one night, oh no. Each poster took months to create and a whole team of individuals was involved. And what a creation they have achieved. Everyone involved, no matter how small their role, should be extremely proud of themselves.

Image Credit: Acquired via DKC PR

Wizards and Whatnot is obviously a site dedicated to the Wizarding World created by J.K. Rowling, I’m sure you have guessed that by now, and when the travel poster was sent through it was a strange feeling. To see all of the things that make Harry Potter special in one travel sized poster was magic. There is so much that makes the Wizarding World special and they managed to capture it ali in one single poster.

But it is not just Harry Potter they have achieved this with; it is all of the other travel posters PBS created as well. They have all done the same; managed to capture what makes the book special and put it all down in one travel sized poster.

And they are not even done yet. More will be coming, throughout the summer, right up until the crowning ceremony arrives in the fall, more travel posters will become available. All of them will be available to download at your leisure and best of all, you can take them anywhere.

As PBS said, the purpose of the travel posters is like the stories told in the books, books can take you anywhere, and we wanted to do something similar with the travel posters. You can take them anywhere, wherever you might go, they can go to; right across America and spread the joy of reading.

You can still vote for Harry Potter in the Great American Read and can download the Harry Potter poster and others here.