Broken Social Scene returns with new album Hug of Thunder


After a seven-year hiatus, Toronto-based collective Broken Social Scene is back with a brand new album, Hug of Thunder. It features all 15 original members of the band and recalls the sounds that made them indie darlings.

The much-anticipated release of Broken Social Scene’s first record in seven years has kept indie fans on their toes. Now that Hug of Thunder is available to the masses, it’s obvious that the wait was worth it. Hug of Thunder features all 15 of the band’s original members. The line-up even includes Leslie Feist and Emily Haines, whose effervescent vocals shine bright on a record full of bops.

Broken Social Scene have long been considered indie rock darlings. Their ethereal instrumentals, paired with playful lyrics and bright vocals, have always made them stand out. Hug of Thunder recalls all the ambiance that shot the band to icon status. It’s celebratory and fun, with soft moments throughout that balance the energy nicely.

The instrumental “Sol Luna” kicks things off, diving right into the joy-soaked “Halfway Home” and building from there. One stand-out track is “Vanity Pail Kids,” which features a distorted, drum-heavy intro. The titular “Hug of Thunder” is also incredible: it combines a slow build, storytelling lyrics, and a soaring chorus.

All of these sounds are hallmarks of Broken Social Scene, and it’s great to hear them again in 2017. The band sounds as fresh as ever, seven years of passion poured into this top notch new album.

Why release Hug of Thunder now?

Although the members of Broken Social Scene have consistently produced music in spin-off projects and solo efforts since the band’s last major release in 2010, it’s been a long time coming for them to produce another album under the Broken Social Scene name. While members have focused on big-name acts like Feist and Metric, Broken Social Scene fans have had to content themselves with just four perfect albums from this incredible band. Until now.

Hug of Thunder has been several years in the making. Following the 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris, the band finally decided to commit to doing a fifth album. In an interview that recently appeared on Ticketfly’s site, Kevin Drew the attacks motivated the band to put a blast of positivity into the world: “It just sort of made us want to go out there and play. Because I think we’ve always been a band that’s been a celebration.”

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Aptly titled, Hug of Thunder is everything Broken Social Scene has defined itself to be. Simultaneously a warm comfort and a building storm, this record is a stellar ride from start to finish. Add it to your summer playlists for a bit of ambiance, or throw it on for an afternoon of relaxation. Then catch Broken Social Scene on the road for their first tour in years. See dates on their website.