Luck Of The Irish, 5 Unexpected St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails


St. Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in everyone. Instead of green beer, toast to the holiday with 5 unexpected St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails.

St. Patrick’s Day is often celebrated with friends gathering at their favorite watering hole. While some restaurants and bars mark the holiday in a typical fashion, green beer, Guinness and an Irish whiskey shot, these “Irish” options aren’t the only way to celebrate the holiday. Alternative green cocktails, unexpected St. Patrick’s Day cocktails, can breathe new life into the holiday celebration.

Unexpected St. Patrick’s Day cocktails use non-traditional “Irish” ingredients. While the cocktails’ colors are a traditional Irish green, the flavors are bright, citrus and even a little spicy. Whether enjoyed as a pre-evening cocktail, supper sipper or a late evening indulgence, these cocktails make green beer a distant memory.

Which one of these unexpected St. Patrick’s Day cocktails will you savor? As the old Irish proverb says, “best while you have it use your breath, there is no drinking after death.”

Unexpected St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails, Alien Secretion, photo by The Cocktail Couple

5 Unexpected St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails.

Alien Secretion, a modified recipe by The Cocktail Couple, original recipe Difford’s Guide

"Ingredients: 2 oz Vodka (Grey Goose or Kettel One preferred) 1/4 oz Melon Liquor 1/2 oz Coconut Rum Liquor (Capt. Morgan’s Pineapple Rum used in The Cocktail Couple’s version) 1 oz Fresh Pineapple Juice (less sweet version from the original and produces a greener cocktail)Preparation: Shake all the ingredients up and pour over ice. Garnish with leftover pineapple slice and enjoy!"

Sauza Midori Margarita, provided by Sauza Tequila

"Ingredients:· 1 ½ cups Sauza® Signature Blue Silver 100% Agave Tequila· 2 cups Midori®· 2 cups fresh lemon sour· 1 cup fresh lime juice· Lime wedges for garnish· Melon balls for garnishPreparation: Combine all ingredients in a pitcher and stir. Place in the refrigerator to chill. Pour into martini glasses. Garnish with a skewered lime wedge and melon ball. Makes 8 servings."

Shamrock Sipper, photo provided by Coyne PR

Shamrock Sipper, provided by Skinnygirl Cocktails

"Ingredients:2 parts Skinnygirl® Cucumber Vodka½ part fresh lime juiceClub sodaMuddled mint leavesShamrock-shaped cucumber slice for garnishPreparation: Shake all ingredients except club soda with ice and pour into a glass. Top with club soda. Garnish with a shamrock-shaped cucumber slice."

Luck of the Irish, provided by Skinnygirl Cocktails

"Ingredients:2 ¼ slices jalapeño chile, seeds removed (use more slices if you like it spicy)3 parts Skinnygirl® MargaritaChili powder or Mexican chili seasoning mixed with coarse saltLime peel for garnishPreparation: Muddle the jalapeño slices in the bottom of a cocktail shaker. Pour Skinnygirl® Margarita over the jalapeños. Add ice and shake well. Rim a rocks glass with the chili powder mixture and pour in the margarita. Garnish with a lime peel."

Unexpected St. Patrick’s Day Cocktails, photo provided by Coyne PR

The Last Word, recipe published by Saveur

"Ingredients:¾ oz gin¾ oz green Chartreuse¾ oz maraschino liqueur¾ oz fresh lime juiceInstructions: Vigorously shake all ingredients together with ice. Strain into a martrini glass or coupe and garnish with a lime twist."

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