Build-A-Bear is now offering a Ted Lasso bear online

Ted Lasso Build-A-Bear
Ted Lasso Build-A-Bear /

Fans of the TV show Ted Lasso (and of course the character) have something new to enjoy and it is all thanks to Build-a-Bear and their latest limited edition offering.

If you check out the Build-a-Bear website as of January 31, you will find that there are 10 items to choose from in their Ted Lasso collection. Not only are there some fun accessories to go with your Bear, but there are four new bears to choose from (as well as two other styles of plush).

Of course, we are focusing on the new Ted Lasso bears, which include the Ted Lasso Bear with Sunglasses, The Ted Lasso Classic Bear Bundle, a Ted Lasso Bear with a teacup, and even a “Biscuits with the Boss” bear. This means that however you want your Ted Bear, you can get it.

For us, we love the fact that not only do the Ted Bears feature the iconic mustache, but their paws all have emblems that read Ted Lasso on one foot and A.F.C. Richmond on the other. Of course, their hands also have the iconic BAB logo as well, which we love to see.

These Ted Lasso Build-a-Bear bears are a must for fans

Ted Lasso
Ted Lasso Build-A-Bear /

If you love Ted Lasso and want one of these bears for yourself, be prepared to drop at least $49 depending on which bear you choose. With the “Biscuits with the Boss” bear coming in at $63.50 and the Ted with sunglasses on being the $49 bear, there is a range of prices to choose from.

And remember, you can always snag the bear itself without the accessories and then just add them on later. Among the accessories you can pick up separately, we have a soccer uniform (perfect for the non-Ted bears/plushes that are available), the teacup, the biscuits box, and even an A.F.C. Richmond scarf.

Basically, now is the time to check out what Build-a-Bear has to offer if you love yourself some Ted Lasso. I know we will!

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