#TBRTrending: The Duke in Question by Amalie Howard

The Duke in Question by Amalie Howard. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca
The Duke in Question by Amalie Howard. Image courtesy Sourcebooks Casablanca /

January is the promise of something new, but it’s nice to look back on 2022 as well. For my #TBRTrending pick for this week, it’s 2022’s The Duke In Question by Amalie Howard.

On the whole, historical romance is a vastly popular genre. Dating all the way back to clinch covers and questionable moments to boot, the subgenre has changed since its boom back in the 1980s and 1990s.

With all of the updated tropes and lingo, historical romances still account for a majority of the romance publishing world yet some tend to fly under the radar. For me, one of those is easily Amalie Howard’s Daring Dukes series.

Since we’re just looking at 2022 releases though, the focus is going to be on The Duke in Question which is book 3 in the series.

The Duke in Question is a delightful historical romance worth trying in 2023.

Let me run down the rest of the series before we get into book 3. The Daring Dukes series starts with The Princess Stakes which is a second-chance romance while book 2 is Rules for Heiresses which is a marriage of convenience story. Of course, these aren’t required reading before The Duke in Question but they’re worth the read so you understand a bit more.

Moving onto The Duke in Question though, this book follows Valentine who is a duke and Bronwyn who is a spy. Honestly, Brownyn is the main reason why this book felt so fun and fresh. She really wasn’t afraid of doing what it took, no matter the consequences. I especially loved how much danger she was willing to get into for the cause.

While Brownyn is such a spitfire of a character, it makes Valentine seem all the more stuffy and uptight. When these two finally get together though, it is pure magic on the page. The chemistry between them is off-the-charts and the steamy scenes were smoking hot considering that Brownyn was a virgin for their first encounter.

Aside from the romance, The Duke in Question was action-packed and I couldn’t take my eyes off the page as I never knew what was going to happen. The cat-and-mouse game between Browwyn and Valentine was so much fun along with their banter and eventually, the two getting together. I just can’t believe this one doesn’t have more ratings on Goodreads.

Regardless, hopefully, this will the push you need to pick up either The Duke in Question or the entire Daring Dukes series in 2023. Plus the entire series goes beyond the basic historical romance plotline as there’s a lot of history unpacked in these pages and lots of topics other authors don’t dare to write about. Either way, I adored this book.

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