National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is the ultimate Christmas movie

Whether it is Christmas in July, the actual holiday season, or just a random Saturday in March, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is everything we could ever want in a Christmas movie. And in honor of Christmas in July, we are taking a look at this classic holiday comedy and why it might just be the ultimate Christmas movie.

When it comes to epic holiday movies, there is something to be said for a more comedic approach to all of the craziness that goes into the holidays. And if ever there was a movie that captured all the drama and ridiculousness, it would have to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Not only do we get children getting older and annoyed by their parents wanting to capture the holiday magic, but we also have the drama of family coming to visit. Who hasn’t had to deal with family coming to town for the holidays and crashing the house and dropping their opinion on how things should be done? Seriously, that is what family and the holidays is.

And National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is definitely real life in action, just with the added fun of a squirrel loose in the house, a cat eating the plugged-in Christmas lights, and a brother-in-law blowing up the neighborhood by dumping his RV waste tank in the sewer.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is a timeless holiday movie with humor

Even with this movie being released in 1989, it still works today, 32 years later! And that is something not many movies can claim.

Not only is the comedy still funny, but the story itself holds up. Many of us can relate to disappointment from work, wanting to do right by our family, and going over the top with celebrations and decorations. And that doesn’t even take into account the drama of family.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is holiday magic, humor, and family all in one amazing package that has never been duplicated.

But what is your favorite Christmas movie (and why is it National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation)? What movie do you have to watch at least once to call it the holidays? Let us know in the comments.