Passionflix: Wicked trailer delivers fae-hunting goodness

Wicked, starring Anna Maiche and Liam Hall. Image courtesy of Passionflix
Wicked, starring Anna Maiche and Liam Hall. Image courtesy of Passionflix /

The long-awaited trailer for the Passionflix adaptation of Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked has arrived at last and it doesn’t disappoint. At long last fans are able to see Ivy, Ren and Val in action against the forces of darkness. And there’s plenty of Tink in there, too.

Wicked marks the first foray into paranormal romance for romance streamer Passionflix, and it’s also the directorial debut for Taryn O’Neill.

The trailer opens with Val asking Ivy to swap fae-hunting shifts with her, but Ivy knows Saturdays in the French Quarter are the absolute worst. Little does she know, this conversation and the friendly wager it inspires is the start of a chain of events that will change her world forever. When she encounters a fae who materializes a gun and shoots her after demonstrating his imperviousness to her weapons, Ivy knows she’s dealing with something she’s never seen before.

Watch: Passionflix debuts the trailer for Wicked

The Wicked trailer gives fans a glimpse of Anna Maiche’s Ivy in action. Maiche uses her experience as a talented dancer to move with agility and grace in fight scenes. Ivy is no push-over. She’s tough and she has lost so much, so she’s not pulling punches.

When she gets shot, we see her fading in and out of consciousness as Ren (Liam Hall) arrives to help. Though Ivy is quick to deny her attraction to Ren, they can’t stay away from each other.

The trailer also offers fans a good look at Tink in flight. Andrew Rogers always brings a smile to your face, but seeing him as Ivy’s diminutive flying friend is next level adorable. There’s also a brief look at Kevin Joy as the Prince, and let’s just say he’s a joy to behold.

Wicked is the first book in Armentrout’s trilogy, which means there will be two more movies in the works. If the trailer is any indication, Passionflix’s first paranormal romance is going to be a big hit that will leave fans wanting more.

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Wicked debuts on Thursday, May 27 on Passionflix.