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Savannah The Circle season 2
Savannah The Circle season 2 /

The Circle season 2 player: Savannah

In season 2’s initial episodes, it felt like Savannah Palacio was a player to be reckoned with. She was smart, likable, and had positioned herself in a series of great relationships, including a girl squad of female players, a little sister vibe with Trevor, and a gossipy BFF in Courtney. Unfortunately, she not only let the power of winning the first ratings competition go to her head, she also became too easily paranoid about her supposed allies.

Savannah and Terelisha were the sort of duo you expected to be working together until the end of the game, but who somehow ended up at each others’ throats before a second blocking occurred. Despite their supposed girl gang status, none of the women seemed to really trust one another, and Savannah was technically the first to break the #girlgang code by saving Trevor over Chloe when given the opportunity to keep someone safe.

That was the original crack in her gameplay, and it’s interesting to wonder how the game might have played out had she not done that. Sure, she still would have probably tried too hard to save Courtney and that would have gotten Terelisha’s suspicions going. But Chloe wouldn’t have had any reason not to trust her, and that might have made all the difference.

Oh Savannah, I feel like we hardly knew you as a player.