The first poster for Emma Stone as Cruella is here and it’s to die for

Photo: Disney’s 101 DALMATIANS DIAMOND EDITION.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios.. © 2014 Disney
Photo: Disney’s 101 DALMATIANS DIAMOND EDITION.. Image Courtesy Walt Disney Studios.. © 2014 Disney /

The first look at Emma Stone’s Cruella is here and the poster is a beautiful new look at the classic Disney villain we know and love.

Giving us a sneak peek into the world of the villain before we meet her in 101 Dalmatians, is another installment into Disney’s recent – and growing – catalog of villain origin stories.

Following in the footsteps of the origin story Maleficent, this film aims to show us how Cruella became the fur-loving woman we see by the time she’s trying to make her dalmatian coat.

Sure, we probably don’t need an origin for this particular villain. All we’ve ever known is that she’s a bad lady who doesn’t care about the lives of these puppies. Just as long as she has her fur. But she’s still a fascinating character. She clearly worked her way into a high-status world and getting to explore why that hatred formed towards animals for her is what is going to draw us into Cruella as a whole.

The Cruella trailer is headed our way

The trailer for Cruella is dropping today and it’s going to be an intriguing look into the villain. (We’re definitely going to get a gritty version of Roger’s iconic song about her, right?) But Stone’s dark lipstick and spilt hair color, which mirrors the iconic look of the animated version of the character, is exciting.

While most of Disney’s villains have this iconic air about them, Cruella de Vil is in a league all her own. She’s the kind of character that we don’t know that much about and so Cruella does feel like a necessary look into the character.

We’ll find out more when we get the trailer but this poster for Cruella does have us excited for whatever is to come for the character and Emma Stone’s portrayal.

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