The magic that the Harry Potter series gave fans is something we can still talk about

Can you still talk about the Harry Potter series and the fandom it helped build for you? Yes but let’s talk about why it is a complicated issue for many fans.

Right now, there’s a mixed feeling as a fan of the Harry Potter series. Should you still talk about it? Should we stop making references? It’s hard to navigate and thinking of the series as a whole and what it meant to us as young fans is hard to grapple with.

But what’s important is that we remember that how we felt about the series as a whole is important to remember. Sure, talking about the series and praising it is not really what many of us want to do.

But remembering the friends we made in the fandom or talking about going to the movies with a group or your parents is okay. Because those are memories you’ll always have and isn’t exactly connecting back to the series or J.K. Rowling, for that matter.

It’s complicated because so many of us want to completely separate ourselves from it because of what Rowling and her viewpoints stand for. But thinking back to the joy we did have with other fans is okay because those fans are important too.

Overall, talking about this franchise is never going to be easy and that’s completely on Rowling. She forced the hand of the fandom and so we have to figure out how to navigate the world now as Harry Potter fans and what’s important to us and how we can move forward as fans.

Do you still like talking about the series to your friends? Is Harry Potter important to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below!