It’s too early for a new Harry Potter adaptation

There are rumors floating around that Warner Brothers want to create a new Harry Potter show for its HBO Max streaming service. Would a new adaptation of the beloved book series be the best option?

While some people focused on the problematic scenario of J.K. Rowling profiting off a HBO Max series, almost everyone started to speculate on what direction a new series could take. With the myriad of problems the Wizarding World has faced the last few years, it would be a mistake to adapt the book series again.

The first real problem with remaking the series is that it has not been a lot of time since the first adaptation concluded, with Deathly Hallows Part 2 closing out the series in 2011. While a full series might allow the writers to flesh each book out fully, we are not far enough away to warrant another retelling of this story.

The bigger problem is the lack of diversity presented in these books. To reinvigorate the Harry Potter brand, there needs to be newer voices brought in to make the world feel more inclusive, and retreading the old stories would not be the answer. Going in a completely new direction for this series will allow it to get back truly to the roots that we all remember.

Warner Brothers has a unique opportunity to bring Potter fans back into the fold if they execute this new series correctly. But, if they make the same mistakes like they have in the past, then it might be a very long time before we see anything new from the world of Harry Potter.

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