Harry Potter and his Christmas in Godric’s Hollow


The Christmas that Harry Potter and Hermione Granger spent at Godric’s Hollow is important to not only Harry as a character but for the series as a whole as well.

Godric’s Hollow was home to Harry Potter whether he remembered it or not. It was where he had a family with his parents and it was where he was taken from that life when Voldemort came to see the Potters. So when Harry had to go back to Godric’s Hollow to try and defeat Voldemort, he went with Hermione and, for the first time in his life, spent a Christmas in Godric’s Hollow without his parents.

It’s not surprising that Harry doesn’t go back to Godric’s Hollow frequently. When he was there, he was either with a family he’d never have again or he was thrust into turmoil yet again because of Voldemort and his plan.

But still, that Christmas is important because he finally got to stop and look at his past, this time with Hermione Granger. In Sorcerer’s Stone, Harry got to spend his Christmas with Ron and explore what his father was doing as a kid at Hogwarts with the Invisibility Cloak. But Godric’s Hollow got to be Harry and Hermione’s chance to stop and look at the past that made Harry who he is.

Maybe there were Christmases there we didn’t get to see or maybe that’s the last time Harry went to Godric’s Hollow until Cursed Child but still, that first one with Hermione was an important moment for Harry as a character and his growth.

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