Which Harry Potter character would survive best in the Star Wars universe?


From a galaxy far far away to the wizarding world of Hogwarts, let’s see who in the Harry Potter series could survive in the Star Wars world and who wouldn’t handle it well.

When it comes to the comparisons between the Harry Potter series and Star Wars, it’s obvious that these series are connected thematically. But who could actually cross over into the other series? Who can survive in the world of Star Wars from the Potter world? Let’s explore.

Honestly, probably Harry Potter himself is the best answer to this question. Because when you stop and think about it, Harry is the kind of character who would adapt to whatever he’s thrown into even if he wants to complain about it, a lot like Luke Skywalker.

On the flip of that, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Luke Skywalker could exist in the world of Harry Potter. If anything, the character who could probably exist in both is Leia Organa. There are plenty of characters in both of these series who could jump back and forth but there are definitely those characters who cannot exist in the other.

Which shows the differences between these series. Like Hermione would probably be too literal about things and spend too much time trying to figure out a way back to her world but still. Comparing the Harry Potter series to the Star Wars franchise is easy because they’re so similar but it’s still fun to see which characters would most definitely not be able to survive in space. Like Ron? There’s no way.

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Who do you think could survive in both the wizarding world of Harry Potter and the galaxy of Star Wars? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!