8 December romances to wrap up your 2020 TBR list this month

How to Catch a Queen by Alyssa Cole. Image courtesy HarperCollins Publishers
How to Catch a Queen by Alyssa Cole. Image courtesy HarperCollins Publishers /
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Get It Right by Skye Kilaen

In Get It Right, the first book in the Love at Knockdown series by Skye Kilaen, Finn is making what she can out of a bad situation. Fresh out of prison after a felony theft, her job prospects aren’t look good. Without the public clinic, she’d be unable to get the medication she needs to help her manage her migraines.

What she doesn’t expect is to come upon Vivi at the clinic. The nurse spent a couple of years fighting to get Finn and her other patients the medical care they needed. In that time, Finn swore the attraction she felt for Vivi wasn’t one-sided, but she couldn’t do anything about it back then.

Nearly a year has passed since the two have seen each other. Finn told her heart she was over Vivi. It’s been months, and Vivi left her life without so much as a goodbye. But seeing her now, clearly something is bothering Vivi, and Finn can’t walk away without checking in on her. Maybe she can do something to help Vivi the way she helped her. Nothing says she can’t at least try.

Get It Right is available now in print and ebook format.

The Wife He Needs by Brenda Jackson

Brenda Jackson‘s latest romance, The Wife He Needs, is the first book in the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series. It follows Garth Outlaw, a  jilted and jaded man. He was supposed to be getting away for two weeks before marrying a woman out of convenience, but it seems she had different plans.

Now Garth is sharing a bed with Regan Fairchild, his family’s pilot. While she’s not his intended, she may just be the woman to heal his heart — that is, if she can convince him that the wife he needs is right in front of him.

The Wife He Needs will be available December 15 in print, audio, and ebook format.