Travel Tuesday: Travel trends adapt to life after coronavirus

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While life is unpredictable, travel trends post-coronavirus bring a sense of wanderlust.

Predicting travel trends can be hard and predicting the next popular destination under the current health climate can be even more difficult. As people look to a post-coronavirus environment, the urge to get off of the couch and dust off that passport holds a great appeal. Still, that next vacation might be impacted by the experiences of 2020.

Although many people have taken to virtually exploring the world and dreaming of that next epic vacation, the reality of stepping on a plane, cruise ship, or another mode of transportation will be quite different. Putting aside the safety parameters of travel, bucket list trips might look quite different.

Instead of heading to bustling cities packed with tourists, people might prefer wide-open spaces or even more isolated locales. While most normal people cannot afford to book an entire island like a Kardashian, there are options for the regular traveler.

As seen recently, more people are traveling to National Parks to explore the great outdoors. The idea of being in big, open spaces holds a big appeal for many people.

Additionally, the past year has seen environmental improvement across the globe. As more people stayed home, nature started to find its balance. From better air quality to animals returning to their habitats, the positive impacts have been many.

With travelers looking to see that natural beauty, the idea of heading to view the Northern Lights has as much or more appeal than seeing the neon glow of New York City. That change shows that people’s attitudes are evolving. It could be time to see that beauty in nature while you can.

At the same time, people are looking to be a little more isolated. The idea of standing shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people can bring a little unease. Instead, the concept of booking a smaller venue, like a private home or a small boutique hotel, holds more appeal.

As seen in the recent Neiman Marcus Christmas Book fantasy gift list, many of the extravagant trips are for small groups, in a private setting. Although the $345,000 price tag for the Sheldon Chalet in Alaska might be a far reach, the concept can be applied to a smaller scale.

Instead of the big hotel, travel trends show that people might prefer the small lakeside retreat. With only a handful of guests, people just feel more comfortable stepping out of their personal bubble zone.

Still, for now, more people are traveling closer to home. Although the holiday season might not include a trip to grandma’s house, the staycation isn’t disappearing anytime soon. In some ways, it has been a good opportunity to see all the items that can get overlooked.

While the future still holds a lot of uncertainty, travel will come back and travel trends will continue to adapt.

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