Yeah, Harry Potter himself probably doesn’t love the idea of Halloween night


We might love to dress up like Harry Potter for Halloween but the character probably doesn’t look fondly at the holiday for what happened to him and his family that night.

If you recall, Harry Potter’s parents died on Halloween night. So he probably doesn’t have very fond memories of it. For fans of the series, we often think to the spooky season as one that reminds us of the series but…why? Because the Potters died?

It’s a bit strange that this is when we choose to revisit the series and explore different aspects of it but it is also telling. For so many, we remember that this is when it started. Harry Potter was just a normal kid who had two loving parents until Halloween night when Voldemort came for the Potters and their son.

So every Halloween, Harry has to remember what happened on that fateful night and eventually (in Harry Potter and the Cursed Child), he’d go on to actively watch it happen without being able to stop it.

Sadly, that probably (most definitely) hasn’t changed Harry’s feelings on the holiday. And no one can really blame him. He watched his parents die twice in his lifetime on Halloween so…going out and dressing up probably isn’t on his line-up.

For Harry, Halloween isn’t fun but we can remember why that is and celebrate the Boy Who Lived on the anniversary of that, can’t wait? (Honestly, it is really sad when you stop and think about how Harry Potter can’t ever like Halloween and how all the other wizards and witches celebrate because that’s when Voldemort was originally taken out by Harry.)

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