Let Tom Holland be in some sort of Harry Potter movie. Maybe as Albus Severus

Tom Holland has talked time and time again about how much he loves the Harry Potter series so what if he was cast as Albus Severus in a Cursed Child movie at some point?

There are celebrities who love the Harry Potter series but Tom Holland goes to do pub trivia about the series so he might have us all beat. But that does mean that we’re wondering why he hasn’t been in anything regarding the series yet.

He might have been too young to be in the original Harry Potter series but now with Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, there’s no reason Tom Holland can’t be in a movie in the franchise! But, even better, what if Tom Holland was Albus Severus Potter in a movie about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?

It’d make sense and the casting would be pretty great and then we’d get that story in the cinematic canon. While people have their issues with Cursed Child, it’s a fun addition to the series and there will probably eventually be a movie so having Tom Holland play Harry Potter’s son? It’d be a great little nod to fans of both Holland and the series as well as getting new fans into the movies!

So, would it be nice to have Tom Holland in the Harry Potter series? Of course! He loves it so why not? But let’s give him a great role and not just put him in the series because he likes Harry Potter.

Do you think that Tom Holland should be in a Harry Potter property? Do you think he’d make a good Albus Severus? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!