Moments in our lives as Harry Potter fans that helped us cope with something

Harry Potter was there for us as children reading the series and sometimes, it is important to look back on those moments in our lives and why we turned to Potter.

Growing up and reading the Harry Potter series meant that there were times in all our lives when we looked to the series for guidance. For so many, there were specific times when the series meant something to us and maybe we couldn’t even figure out why.

I remember reading Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and thinking about the closure I needed on my grandmother’s death and how that book helped me cope with it. Or reading the series when 9/11 happened and how it was an escape from the world that I didn’t understand right then.

So much of this series has followed us as we grew up and for good reason: We were reading it to leave the world for just a little bit. And with that escape meant that we got to enjoy something and learn how to cope with things we didn’t understand.

It probably helped that the series was something that we knew and felt comfort in but throughout most of our childhoods, we got to look back on the adventures of Harry and his friends and take comfort in it.

Maybe it wasn’t huge life-changing experiences but it was still something that we needed to escape from and that’s when we would maybe turn to the Harry Potter series to feel a little reprise from it all. And that’s something that we all get to cherish for the time being.

What did the Harry Potter series help you through while reading it? Let us know in the comments below!