All 8 Harry Potter movies are leaving HBO Max in August 2020: What we know

HBO Max had all the Harry Potter movies at our disposal but now, they’re leaving the streaming platform already? Here is what we know about the movies being taken away.

HBO Max seemed to give us so much and then took it away just as quickly as the Harry Potter movies are already leaving the streaming platform come this August. In an interesting move for streaming, the platform is sort of set up like how HBO is with what movies they’re showing and for how long.

When it comes to streaming, we’re used to things like Netflix where movies are there for quite a while before we have to worry about them being taken away from our fingertips. HBO Max seems to be swapping out their titles a lot like how HBO does when showing movies on their channel or how long they stay on HBO Go.

The question is: Why? For so many of us, we turned to HBO Max because we figured we’d have the entire DCEU and the world of Harry Potter at our fingertips and yet now they’re adjusting it and taking these titles away. Will they be back?

Who knows but at least HBO Max is filled with content time and time again. It’s just…if you want to rewatch the Harry Potter series, you better hurry up and jump to it because otherwise you might end up having to dust off your old DVDs since HBO Max is going to take them away come this August (but there’s plenty of other titles to love too).

Have you watched the Harry Potter movies on HBO Max? Do you have an idea as to why they’re leaving so soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below!