Fashion Friday: ANISA Beauty wants to change the way you care for your skin

ANISA Beauty is helping us rethink our skincare routines

During the summer, it is really important that we take extra care to maintain our skincare routines. And while that routine may not look the same as it does during the winter, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be paying attention to what we do to with our skin. Luckily for us, ANISA Beauty is making it easier than ever to give it our all when it comes to caring for our skin.

In honor of Fashion Friday, we can’t help but want to learn as much as we can about skincare, especially with how important it is to be mindful of summer heat and sunshine. So, if you are looking for the perfect tools to apply SPF skincare products, then look no further than ANISA Beauty, as they help us rethink the way we care for our skin and apply the different creams and potions we use.

ANISA Beauty has the skincare tools we need to try

While the company has a number of amazing brushes and tools for both skincare and makeup applications, this time I am focusing on one brush in particular – the Angled Care Brush!

The reason the Angled Care Brush is important right now is that it will probably be the most effective tool in your skincare arsenal when it comes to applying things such as moisturizing cream or even sunscreen. And the fact that I was able to use one of these brushes for myself, means I can tell you that the Angled Care Brush really did make applying sunscreen to my face so much easier than it ever has been before.

Not only did I not waste as much product as I usually do, but I really felt like I was getting every bit of skin covered. And that’s definitely important when it comes to putting on sunscreen, moisturizer, whatever it is.

According to ANISA Beauty, the Angled Skin Care Brush offers multi-level brush fibers which “create a dense base with wispy tips, allowing the product to lay on top of the fibers while limiting absorption into the brush.” And that is definitely noticeable when using the brush because it never felt like I was having to go back for more as often as I have in the past.

It’s also important to note that the angle of the brush certainly helps to get the product in areas that might typically be “hard to reach.” This brush will change the way you do your skincare in the summer and that is not a bad thing.

Another brush in the ANISA Beauty collection that deserves a mention is the All-Over Care Brush, which is great for not just moisturizers, but also any gels and creams that you may use. This brush not only offers similar benefits as the Angled Skin Care Brush, but the round head also lets you stimulate the flow of blood, which is always beneficial. In fact, I would say this is the brush version of the fountain of youth (okay maybe not, but still this is a good brush).

Whether you pick one or both of these brushes, you may just find yourself falling in love with this new addition to your skincare routine. I know that these have definitely taken the place of the sponges and cotton rounds I normally use for these products, and I think you may find that these brushes are perfect for not just summer skincare, but all year long.

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Do you use skincare brushes to apply moisturizer or sunscreen? Would you use either of these brushes for your summer skincare routine? Tell us what your summer routine looks like in the comments.