We’re figuring out Harry Potter characters as yoga poses now? I guess why not

Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc
Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

We’re all a bit bored and so why not try and figure out what Harry Potter characters would be specific yoga poses? Just for some fun and laughter during everything right now.

Mugglenet decided to take on yoga and the Harry Potter series because, why not? From Warrior II to Downward Facing Dog and beyond, the series weirdly fits with specific characters almost perfectly.

My personal favorite was Downward Facing Dog though for Sirius Black. Mainly because Sirius Black is a dog and so why not? Of course, that fits. He is named after a constellation that is literally the shape of a dog and can change into a dog so…he would be the downward-facing dog.

Harry Potter himself has the One-Handed Tree Post because it improves a sense of balance and coordination and honestly, when it comes to the Boy Who Lived, that works too. He’s all about trying to figure out how to balance his life and what he’s meant to do and he is a Seeker so it makes sense.

In all, it’s just a fun way to look at the series while we’re all trapped inside and trying to find ways of entertaining ourselves. There isn’t much we can do and so thinking about yoga and the Harry Potter series is hilarious and a nice way to bring the fandom together.

Good on Mugglenet for coming up with incredibly fun things like this and honestly, I kind of want to do yoga just so I can think about all my favorite Harry Potter characters and what pose they would be.

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What yoga poses do you think these Harry Potter characters should be? Let us know what you think in the comments below.