Katherine Langford finds Excalibur in new trailer for Netflix’s Cursed

Cursed, a modern feminist retelling of the classic Arthurian tale, arrives next month on Netflix.

Cursed, based on the hit graphic novel by Thomas Wheeler and Frank Miller, changes up the legend of King Arthur and Excalibur by asking, “What if the sword chooses a queen?” Katherine Langford stars as Nimue, a teenage heroine with a mysterious gift, who is destined to become the famed Lady of the Lake. In the classic tale, Arthur of course is the Chosen One who wields Excalibur, while Nimue’s destiny is a bit more tragic.

The Netflix show is slated to premiere on July 17, and the streaming service just released the series’ first teaser trailer. Just going off of the trailer alone, Cursed looks pretty great, so it might be one of the most bingeable series of the summer.

You can view the trailer for Cursed below:

The series is told through the eyes of Langford’s Nimue who, following the death of her mother, teams up with a young mercenary named Arthur as they search for Merlin to deliver an ancient sword (Excalibur). Nimue’s narration throughout the trailer sets a haunting and grim tone for the series:

“They came while we slept, to cleanse the world of our kind, because we’re different. Because magic runs through us. Because we have what they want. Legend says this sword belongs to the one, true king, but what if the sword chooses a queen?”

The series marks Langford’s return to Netflix, following her breakout performance in 2017’s 13 Reasons Why. The first season of Cursed contains ten episodes and also stars Devon Terrell (Barry), Gustaf Skarsgard (Vikings), Sebastian Armesto (Broadchurch), Matt Stokoe (Bodyguard), and Daniel Sharman (Teen Wolf).

Cursed isn’t the only Netflix series to premiere this summer, as season two of the critically acclaimed superhero/dysfunctional family dramedy The Umbrella Academy is scheduled to be released on July 31 as well.

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