Travel Tuesday: Summer at Universal Orlando, a new adventure awaits

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As Universal Orlando reopens to guests, here are five thoughts to make your visit full “whoa.”

After being closed, Universal Orlando is ready to welcome guests to a new adventure. As theme parks navigate this new normal, both team members and guests want everyone to have the most “whoa” moments. With a few considerations in mind, everyone will have an enjoyable time.

While Universal City Walk has had a successful reopening, the theme parks might have a little more adjustment. Although grabbing a bite at your favorite restaurant or satisfying that Voodoo Doughnuts craving might be easy, spending all day at a theme park takes additional consideration. Still, a memorable and fun time can and will happen.

Here are a few ideas to remember if you are visiting Universal Orlando this summer.

Limited capacity

While there might not be an advanced reservations system, theme parks will have limited capacity. It is believed that capacity will be between 20-30%. While that is not a specific number, the park should be far less crowded than a typical summer visit. Given the social distancing parameters, this limited capacity is important to assist guests around the theme park.

Since there is limited capacity, there could be times where theme park entry may not be available. If you are considering a visit this summer, it might be best to arrive early in the morning. Or, it might be a good idea to pick days where weather might not be as pristine. Sometimes the best times to visit a theme park is during a light summer rain shower.

Virtual Queues

At some Universal Orlando attractions, virtual queues have always been part of the experience. Now, other rides might have the same considerations. The use of a virtual queue can help to limit how many people are waiting in a line. Given social distancing parameters, a virtual queue can be helpful.

While this system can be more efficient, it could mean that you may not be able to ride your favorite attraction. Even with fewer guests, not everyone will be able to ride Hulk over and over. Consider prioritizing the must ride attractions. It might not be an ideal situation, but everyone will still have a fun day.

Mobile Ordering

Since Universal Orlando is trying to reduce cash payments, make sure to set up your Universal App. On the app, there is mobile ordering availability. Many of the restaurants already had this food ordering choice and now it can be expanded.

Truthfully, mobile ordering is a quick, efficient way to enjoy a tasty meal. With all the capabilities on the app, it ensures that you get your food how and when you want it. Now more than ever, mobile ordering is here to stay.

Be prepared

Summertime at Universal Orlando can be quite hot. Even on the best days, the heat and humidity can take a toll. While everyone will be required to wear a mask, be prepared for that extra attire. Yes, it can be hot, uncomfortable and a variety of other adjectives, but that mask is there for a reason. Be considerate of team members and other guests.

Most importantly, remember to hydrate and take breaks. Drinking plenty of water is imperative. Additionally, find a few moments to just sit. Sometimes, people watching can be one of the best attractions at the theme parks.

Patience and kindness

In today’s difficult world, the concept of patience and kindness is more important than ever. While many people have dealt with a child’s meltdown, theme park guests and team members do not need to deal with an adult meltdown.

Not everything will be perfect this summer and that is ok. Everyone is navigating this new adventure and no one really knows what is right, best or sometimes even possible.

Even though people might not see that smile behind the mask, act with kindness. If that queue takes longer than expected, embrace the wait with patience.

In the end, everyone is out of the house, trying to have an element of fun and enjoying being in their happy place. If everyone can have respect for others, this whole situation can work. And, just maybe, life can start looking more like something a little normal.

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Are you going to be visiting Universal Orlando this summer? Or, have you decided to pass on a theme park visit this summer?