15 must-read YA book releases that will make staying inside a little easier this May

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We may be staying inside more than usual this May, but luckily, there are plenty of new YA releases to occupy us while we do.

May has finally arrived, but with stay-at-home and shelter-in-place orders still in effect in many places, it’s unlikely we’ll be enjoying the warm weather the way we normally would. There’s likely to be much more staying indoors this May, but luckily, there are also plenty of YA book releases to keep us occupied while we do that.

From adventures to save the galaxy to feminist uprisings at medieval-themed restaurants, there’s no shortage of fascinating stories to fall into this month. There seems to be a YA release for just about everyone, no matter their genre preference. Whether you’re looking for court politics and sword fights or coming-of-age revelations, these May releases have you covered.

Recent events have given readers plenty of desire to escape, and many of the books coming out in May will enable them to do so. But just as many tackle real-world issues that need to be addressed, and those are just as worth diving into this month (if not more so). Whatever you’re looking to accomplish with your reading over the next few weeks, these books are to help.

Here are 15 must-read YA book releases to add to your TBR this May.

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