Outlander season 5 episode 11 live stream: Watch online

Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ
Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ /

The penultimate episode of Outlander season 5 airs tonight. Here’s everything you need to know to live stream the timeless love of Claire and Jamie Fraser.

Last week’s Outlander closed the book on Stephen Bonnet once and for all. In a tense hour with Brianna being held captive by Bonnet, Jamie, Claire, and Roger rescued her just in time and Bonnet was delivered to the authorities and sentenced to death at last.

With all of the major storylines of the season wrapped up, there are a number of places for Outlander to go now, particularly with the Revolutionary War looming in the near future and Brianna and Roger’s impending decision to stay in the past or return home.

There are only two episodes left. Let’s see what’s in store for tonight’s episode with the preview for “Journeycake”:

Last week also saw Ulysses, Jocasta’s faithful house slave, kill her attorney in an act of self-defense. But we all know how that worked out for Black people in the 18th century. It looks like Ulysses is now on the run from the law himself.

It looks like there is also more political turmoil and the return of Lord John Grey who we can never get enough of.

Per IMDb, the synopsis for “Journeycake” reads:

"“Roger and Brianna need to decide if they want to stay or return to the future; Jamie discovers a new power that started from an unrest in the backcountry.”"

Apparently there is no time travel in this season/book, so perhaps Roger and Bree choose to stay, or their departure is at least delayed until next season. And what will this “new power” be? Perhaps the Sons of Liberty? Find out during tonight’s new episode.

Here’s how you can watch tonight’s episode of Outlander:

"Date:  Sunday, May 3Start Time:  8 p.m. ESTEpisode: “Journeycake”TV Channel: StarzLive Stream: Watch now on Starz.com or the Starz app."

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