Professor Quirrell is maybe the worst out of the whole series though

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc /

Sure, there were plenty of characters throughout the Harry Potter series who were bad and had bad intentions but Professor Quirrell is maybe the worst of them all for many reasons.

There are characters in the Harry Potter series who only wanted to do things for their own benefit especially when it comes to Voldemort and especially with Professor Quirrell. A character who wanted to bring Voldemort back to life no matter the cost, he infiltrated Hogwarts and was willing to hurt children to get what he wanted.

Sure, other characters would also bring harm to the students and potentially hurt children but not in the way that Professor Quirrell did. He was the character who willingly let a troll into the school just to distract everyone.

He would have murdered Harry Potter if he could have touched him and there were just constant reminders that he didn’t care about anyone other than himself and the Dark Lord. Not even the others who were Death Eaters and that’s almost more terrifying. Not only is he the kind of character who will throw anyone under the bus to help his cause but he’ll do it without remorse.

Professor Quirrell is up there with Professor Umbridge for terrible humans because they don’t care unless you benefit them and when working with literal children, that’s horrendous and also I don’t trust them to not murder someone just to get on Voldemort’s good side.

So, Quirrell? Honestly, a terrible human being who we barely had to see and that’s a blessing for us all.

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